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Suzuka 10 Hours Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

I’m here to announce our winners from the Suzuka 1o Hours Race Photo Contest.  The Suzuka 10 Hours race was held this past August at Suzuka Circuit.

We’ll have two winners – the SNS Award given to the entry receiving the most votes, and the GSR Award given to an entry selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki.

First up is the GSR Award winner!

20181030 gsr 1

The entry selected from the GSR Award is

Gou’s “Pirelli & the Miku Car”!

Gou’s Comment: The Pirelli billboard and the Miku Car.  It’s not a combination I’m accustomed to seeing yet, but hopefully I’ll get used to it after a few years…

Unlike the Super GT, the Suzuka 10 Hours race features exclusively Pirelli tires.

Tires are actually one of the most distinct features of the Suzuka 10 Hours race.

Comment from Team Owner Takanori Aki: We raced with Pirelli tires in the 10H.  This photo reminded me of our Pirelli Tire strategy, which allowed us to get the green light in the second half.

The Pirelli Tire strategy is one of the challenges of the Suzuka 10 Hours race.

We’ll be sending out Gou a pin-badge of honor and bean-bag cushion.

Next up is the SNS Award winner.

20181030 gsr 2

hoku’s “Golden Sakura Miku”!

Strictly speaking, the Suzuka 10 Hours Racing Miku Illustration provided by Tony is not Sakura Miku, but she may be recognized as such nonetheless.

hoku’s Comment: The beautiful Sakura Miku is even more beautiful illuminated by the setting sun!

hoku will receive a pin badge of honor.

GSR also started an Instagram account for the Suzuka 10 Hours race to boost our SNS presence.  We’ve uploaded some photos from cameraman Orihara, so be sure to check it out!

And don’t forget that our Super GT Rd. 7 Race – Autopolis Photo Contest is going on right now.


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