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Spend your Weekend at the GSR Cup!


The GSR Cup is a cycling event that can be enjoyed by those who participate in the races as well as those who don’t alike.  The GSR Cup started in 2014 as a place for people to race wearing anime-themed cycle wear, and this Sunday, April 23 will mark our 6th meet-up.

>> 6th GSR Cup Info

20170421 gsr 1

20170421 gsr 2

This is what it looked like last time.  This time the event will once again be held at the Mobara Twin Circuit, and jam-packed full of events.  We’ll have an endurance race as the main event, as well as different criteria-based races!

In addition to the bicycle races we’ll have the

Oyakama Race Champion Hatsune Miku AMG

Oyakama Race Champion Hatsune Miku AMG

on display, as always without any barriers!  It’s so important I had to say it twice.  Rather on display, it’s more like left out in the open, but we trust you guys to play it cool and get up close and personal taking photos without laying your hands on it, ok – lol.  So be sure to takes lots of photos of the Okayama Race Champion Hatsune Miku AMG!

20170421 gsr 3

Not only that, our lovely 2017 Racing Miku Supporters will all be there!  Unlike the race track, you can take their photos quite casually, as shown below!

20170421 gsr 4

They’ll also spray you with water or throw you in the pool – at no additional charge!  This is one experience you can only enjoy at the GSR Cup!

20170421 gsr 5     20170421 gsr 5

20170421 gsr 7

And to keep everyone at the party jumping, we’ll have anime song DJs produced by “Re:animation!”  Show off your ota-gei skills!  Will we break the Yowamushi system once again!?  You’ll have to be there to find out!

20170421 gsr 8

The ever familiar J-SPORTS, Shu Kurimura, and Sasha will be there to announce during the races, as well as our all-star line up of special guests Kamikaze Ukyo (Team Manager Ukyo Katayama), Hironobu Kageyama from JAM Project, Hiroshi Kitadani, and Yoshimitsu Tsuji!

Get to Mobara Twin Circuit on April 23!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!


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