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Spa Broadcast is for Sure! Thanks to “Global Wifi” Vision Inc.!


The Sugo race is over, and our first ever Spa Francorchamps race is coming up this weekend!

We gave you a peek of what it was like during the testing last weekend, but the mobile router we were using on site met its capacity in no time, and we were consequently unable to provide much reporting on the second half.

However, the real test would be for the actual 24 hour race.  This left us rather concerned about what the future would hold… And in the end we decided to go with the WiFi route rental service “Global WiFi,” offered by Vision, Inc.

20170711 gsr 2

So we’re pleased to be able to present the race to you from a “global WiFi router rental service that allows you to experience the same Japanese quality internet anywhere in the world!”  We’ll be able to provide you with all the latest images and updates, right there from the source!

By the way, services are available in over 200 countries and areas around the world, so we’ll be able to use it worry free at the Spa Francorchamps race in Brussels, Belgium as well as in Frankfort, Germany!

Also, for any of you going out to see the SPA race in person (or the Thai race), we recommend you use Global WiFi for your WiFi rental needs!  (Site link below.)

>> Global Wifi

20170724 gsr 01


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