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So Many Events this Weekend! Where are you going?


There are all kinds of events going on everywhere this weekend!  But let’s limit the scope to just GSR events.  They’re one after the other, so why not go to them all!?

First up is the GT Official Tire Test happening the 25-26 at Fuji Speedway.  This is where the Miku AMG will be.

20170324 gsr 1

>> Super GT Official Tire Test

Next up is Anime Japan, which will be held at Tokyo Big Site on the 25-26.  There will be a GSR logo sticker passed out at the Good Smile Company booth.  Quantities are limited so get yours while they last.

>> Anime Japan

Lastly, there’s Ita-Sha Heaven (Super) held in Odaiba on the 26th!  The Miku Supporters (besides Tsuttsu) will be there to class that place up.  They’ll be at the joint Noraimo & GSR Shop booth pretty much the whole time.  And Kelal and Suzu-nyan will debut their 2017 costumes!

>> Ita-Sha Heaven (Super)

20170321 gsr 1

If you head to Fuji Speedway on Saturday, then go to Odaiba and Tokyo Big Site on Sunday you can hit all 3 events!  (Though you may be exhausted – lol!)

So come on everyone, let’s make the most of our weekend!




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