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Snow Miku Time Recap & 10 Inch Info


Hey, everyone.

The other day we had our Snow Miku Time live webcast, together with Crypton Future Entertainment’s Wasshoi Meguro.

There was a GSR spotlight during the show, featuring an appearance by our lovely Racing Miku Supporter Suzuna.

20170511 gsr 1

20170511 gsr 2

20170511 gsr 3

During the GSR portion, we provided information regarding the Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary Exhibit, and announced the opening of our 10 Year Anniversary Site.

We also provided information regarding the 10H, which I’ll go into a bit more detail a bit later.

As our 10 Year Anniversary Site is now open, let’s talk about some of our Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary projects.

The first is one we’ve already told you about, the Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary Exhibit, which will be held from May 30 – June 17. It will be open weekdays from 3pm to 8pm, and weekends from 11am to 8pm.

On (Sun) June 17, as we’ll be holding a Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot, the exhibit will close at 4:30pm. Keep in mind that the photo shoot won’t be held at the exhibit, but rather at another secret location. We’ll have slots for 30 participants total, but more information about the photo shoot will be announced separately.

The exhibit will feature figures, merchandise, Miku Supporter costumes, and hoods from the cars throughout GSR history. We’ll have a board where you can show your spirit by leaving a message for the 10H race, merchandise for sale, and much more in the works.

The second thing is our “Racing Miku Revival!” merch line, featuring Racing Miku from throughout GSR history. Not only did our first ever Racing Miku not have any merchandise until now, we’re bringing back all 10 years of our Racing Miku. On behalf of Good Smile Company’s Hamako, Wasshoi announced that that they’d be releasing a Nendoroid version of the 2013 Sepan Ver. Racing Miku.

20170511 gsr 4

There will be even more items coming soon.

And third, we’ll be holding a Memorial Photo Contest.  We want to set our servers on fire with 10 years worth of photos.  There will be three themes, and we’ll select people with some relation to each theme as the judges.

That’s it for our 10th anniversary events.

And here’s the latest illustration from team illustrator tony.

20170511 gsr 5

Nothing says the summer Suzuka race like fireworks – so here we have Racing Miku wearing a firework patterned yukata.

And we plan on making yukata for our Racing Miku Supporters based on this illustration.  Impressive, no?

In fact, it might be nice to have yukata like this for everyone to wear to the race and cheer on the team…  We’re thinking about that, too.

We plan on having a bit of discussion about this during our GSR Live Webcast on May 15, so be sure to tune in.

Good Smile Meeting 2018 – Vol. 3


NicoNico Live Webcast

Today’s blog was a long one, so thanks for reading all the way to the very end.

20170511 gsr 6



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