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Round 6: Suzuka – Circuit Safari and Photo Op Details Confirmed!


I told you about the Safari the other day, but as the Racing Miku Supporter Photo Op details have now been set let’s go over it all once again.

Tickets for both events will be handed out to the first customers to make a 5000JPY purchase or more at the GSR Shop.  We’ll have lots of new items and even more to come, so don’t miss this chance!

* Tickets for the Circuit Safari will be passed out on Saturday, and tickets for the Photo Op will be passed out on Sunday.  Tickets for the Photo Op will not be passed out on Saturday.

The GSR Shop will open for business at 7:30am on both qualifying and finals day.

* Tickets will not be handed out in the order of the line, but rather in the order of completed transactions.  If you line up before 7am, you will not receive a wavier to hold your place.  Tickets will be passed out 1 per person (for example, both a 5000JPY and 10000JPY purchase qualify for one ticket).

Time: (Sat) Aug. 27 at 10:50am
Place: In front of the Center House
Participants: 35 people

All the details for the Miku Supporter Photo Op and Autograph Session are below!  Due to their tight schedule, it will be held during the final race right after the Gal-On event, but we’ll move everyone as quickly as possible.  We hope for your patience as well as your cooperation.  Please note that the schedule may also shift depending on the circumstances (in the event of a significant shift, I’ll make an announcement via Twitter)

Date: (Sun) Aug. 28 at 14:00-14:30
Place: GSR Shop
Participants: 20 people

The photo-op will end at 14:30 sharp, so please try to arrive ahead of time.  It would really help everyone out.

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