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Round 6 Suzuka – Circuit Safari and Miku Supporter Photo Op!


We’ll be having a Circuit Safari as well as a Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot and Autograph session at the Suzuka 100okm race!  Read on to learn more!

Ticketes for both events will be handed out to the first customers to make a purchase of 5000JPY or more at the GSR Shop.  We’ve got some all new merchandise so be sure to check it out!

* Circuit Safari tickets will be passed out on Saturday, and Photo Op tickets on Sunday.  In other words, Photo Op tickets will not be distributed on Saturday.

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On both Qualifying and Finals Day, the GSR Shop will open at 7:30am.

* Please note that tickets will not be passed out in the order you line up, but rather in the order you make your purchase.  If you line up prior to 7am, no place-holders will be distributed.  Only 1 ticket will be distributed per person (both 5000JPY and 10000JPY purchases qualify for only 1 ticket).

Date: (Sat) Aug. 26  10:50am
Meeting Place:  Rotary in front of the Center House (*You will need a Paddock Pass to enter.)
Participants: 35 people

Our bus will be #2.  I Swemy will be in command, and waiting for you in the area.  The Center House also has the Suzuka-ze restaurant inside, but to enter this area you will need a Paddock Pass.  So if you want to go on the Circuit Safari, please be sure to purchase one.

And let’s not forget the Racing Miku Supporters Photo & Autograph Session!  Due to the day’s schedule, there isn’t much free time from 7:30am onwards, so we were thinking to have it before the temperatures get too high and make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

The time may also be shifted a bit depending on how it works out, so we ask for your patience and understanding.  (If there’s a significant change I’ll make an announcement via Twitter.)

Date: (Sun) Aug. 27, 2017  9:00-9:30am
Place:  GSR Shop
Participants:  20 people

When it’s over it’s over, so be sure to arrive early so you don’t miss out.

Everyone be sure to take ample precautions against the heat, and get ready to have some fun!

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