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Round 6: Suzuka 100km – Photo Contest Winners


The Round 6: Suzuka Photo Contest entry deadline ended the other day and it’s time to announce the results!  Though it was quite a regrettable race…

Here is the photo that made it to first place via everyone’s votes!  One of the best parts of the photo contest seeing how everyone overtakes each other in the battle to the top.  Even I learned a thing or two looking over all the photos.

>> Round 6: Susuka Circuit

20160929 gsr 1

Title: Must yield… but I don’t want to lose!!

Photographer: Takki

It looks like we just passed a car, but this is actually a moment when we’re giving right of way to a GT500 car.  Yep, the 300 cars have to yield to the 500 cars, but as the 300 cars are still racing they try to minimize the loss as much as possible.  This image captures that dischord.

Takki, congratulations!  Your Pin-Badge of Honor will soon be on its way!




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