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Round 5 & Round 6 Photo Contest Winners


Today we’ll be announcing our Round 5 Race at Fuji Speedway and Round 6 Race at Suzuka Circuit photo contest winners.  We finished in 2nd place at Fuji, and had a no-point finish at Suzuka  – talk about night and day – those races were drastically different.

For our photo contest winners today, each contest had a tie for 1st place, so we’ll be handing out a pin badge to both winners!

Let’s start with the Round 5 Race.

>> 2017 Round 5: Fuji Speedway – Photo Contest

20171019 gsr 1

Title: Toward where the flags shining V converges

Photographer: Mouri Motokage

We performed well in the Fuji Race, even getting 3rd in the qualifying.  This seems to be that very moment when our 3rd place was confirmed.  This photo really lets you feel how everyone’s support really pushes us along.

And this entry also tied for 1st place!

20171019 gsr 2

Title: Soldiers gathering before the victory stand ceremony

Photographer: Shiragane RYU

This is a photo from when we won 2nd place!  These flags are really a sight to see.  I think the only private team to have this many people waving their flag is GSR.  It brings a smile to our face!

Next up is the Round 6 Race.

>> 2017 Round 6: Suzuka Circuit – Photo Contest

20171019 gsr 3


Title: Reflections after the checkered flag

Photographer: Yoshino-

With the grand stand illuminated against the dark night sky, it really makes the cars stand out!  The team members are running around taking care of things, so this is one of the rare opportunities when they’re not in the photo.  Thanks for all your hard work during the 1000km race.

And also in 1st place…

20171019 gsr 4

Title:  Last light of the Suzuka 1000km race

Photographer:  hoku

Starting next year, the race at Suzuka will be a standard distance, and there won’t be 10 hour endurance race on the GT calendar, so this may actually be the light time our headlights are in use.  Makes you sad, doesn’t it…

Well then Mouri Motokage, Shiragane RYU, Yoshino-, and hoku – congratulations.  Your original pin badge will be in the mail soon!

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