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Round 5: Fuji – Photo Contest!


Fuji Speedway – we started in 5th and finished in 5th.  In the end, we were unable to pass by just a nose, which was so close we could taste it… But even so we earned a lot of points, putting us in 4th place for the overall series, and making the series champion finish still within reach.

Though the temperatures were in part at fault, both the GT and F4 races were all over the place…  And we want to see your photos of that race in our photo contest!

20160812 gsr 2

The theme for contest will be:

Round 5: Fuji Speedway

As the deadline is Aug. 31, upload all of your GSR related photos: the car, the drivers, the Miku Supporters, the staff, any and everything.

A total of 5 entries will be allowed per entrant!   Upload your photos via the sites below!

>> Round 5: Fuji Speedway (PC ver.)

>> Round 5: Fuji Speedway (Smart Phone ver.)



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