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Round 5: Fuji – Circuit Safari and Photo Shoot


To anyone feeling let down that we didn’t have a Circuit Safari at the last race!  Cheer up because we’re going to have a Circuit Safari and a Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot at the Fuji track!

Just like always, the first customers making a 5000JPY or more purchase at the GSR Shop will be given a ticket to participate.

The GSR will open for operations at 7am on both qualifying and finals day.

* Please note that tickets won’t be handed out in line order, but rather in the order of completed purchases.  If you line up prior to 7am, line-holding passes will not be distributed.  A total of 1 ticket will be given per customer.  (Both a 5000JPY purchase and 10000JPY purchase qualifies for only 1 ticket.)

20160804 gsr 1

Our very own Ohashi, Director of Communications will one again be your guide!

The meet up spot is located right behind the event area, along the road where buses and whatnot pass through.  You’ll be facing it if you look opposite the direction of the grand stand seating.  The meet up time will be earlier than before, so don’t be late.

Time:  (Sat) Aug. 6  10:10am
Place:  shown on map below
Participants: 35

20160804 gsr 2

As for the Racing Miku Supporter Photo and Autograph Session, read on below!  Due to scheduling constraints, it will once again be right in the middle of the final race, so we apologize for any inconveniences… But we’re sure you’ll love it!

Date: (Sun) Aug. 7 14:45-15:15
Place: GSR Shop
Participants: 20

The photo shoot will end at 15:15 sharp, so line up early to ensure a smooth session.

20160513 gsr 4



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