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Round 4: Sugo – Photo Contest Results


Now that I think about it, the Sugo race was over a month ago…  And the photo contest deadline has passed, so let’s announce our winner!

Selected through our precise and impartial voting system, I present to you the work that finished in 1st place!

>> Round 4: Sportsland Sugo

20160831 gsr 1

Title: Goddess of the 10% Incline

Photographer:  Sankichi.

Oh!  This is a shot from the F4 grid!  It’s Tsutsu holding the umbrella for Shum (who you can’t see – lol)!  Indeed, the Sugo home-stretch is on an incline.  And if you make it there, a beautiful goddess is waiting for you… Or so it seems!

Please stand by Sankichi, as your “Pin Badge of Honor” is on the way!




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