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Round 3 & Round 4 Photo Contest Winners


Much time has passed, but it’s time to announce our photo contest winners!  Today we’ll be seeing the results of our Round 3 Race at Autopolis and Round 4 Race at Sugo photo contests!  We earned points in both races, making them especially memorable.

We’ll start with the Round 3 Race.

>> 2017 Round 3 Autopolis Photo Contest

20171018 gsr 1

Title: Fight in the 1st Corner

Photographer: Takki

One of GSR’s main strategies in recent days is to pass as many cars as possible in the 1st corner of lap 1!  It’s one of starting driver Kataoka’s special skills.  And this photo captures the exact moment where you can see the veteran driver’s technique really shine through.  It’s an awesome photo.

Next up is the Round 4 Race

>> 2017 Round 4 Sportsland Sugo Photo Contest

20171018 gsr 2

Title: Flags

Photographer: Shirogane RYU

GSR’s swinging banners.  For some of our elite donors, you can even bring them to the grid.  For the Thailand race, or other times when people are sparse, we have an emergency recruitment session – lol.  Isn’t it a marvel to see GSR among all the swinging banners on the grid!

Takki, Shirogane RYU – Congratulations!  Your original pin badge gifts will be one their way soon!

Click the link below to see a gallery of past photo contest entries and winners!

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