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Round 3: Autopolos – Circuit Safari & Miku Supporter Photo Op


There are two races in May, so it seems like no time at all passed since the previous race at Fuji.  The race at Round 3 race at Autopolis is coming up this weekend.  It was cancelled last year due to an earthquake, so it will be the first race held there in two years.

And that’s why we’ll be having both the Circuit Safari and Miku Supporter Photo Op events!

Tickets for each event will be handed out first come first serve to customers making a 5000JPY or more purchase at the GSR Shop (only 1 ticket will be handed out per person).  The GSR Shop will open at 7am on both Saturday and Sunday.  Take note – we’re talking about the GSR Shop, not the GT Official Shop.

On qualifying day is the Circuit Safari!  The meet-up location is on the map below.  The paddock and event space are easy to access at Autopolis, so the bus meet-up point will be easy to find.

20170516 gsr 1

The meet-up time is 10:10, and the bust departs at 10:35.  Show up late and you’ll get left behind, so be careful.  Meet at the the location indicated on the map above by GOODSMILE.

Time: (Sat) May 20   10:10
Place: As shown on the map above
Participants:  35 people

Next up, the Miku Supporter Photo Op & Autograph Session info is below.  Tickets for this event will be passed out on Sunday.

Time: (Sun) May 21  14:30 – 15:00
Place: GSR Shop
Participants: 20 people

Unfortunately, due to schedule constraints, the event will overlap with the final race, but we hope you’ll participate anyway.

Well, there you have it!  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Autopolis!



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