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Returning Back to the F1 in 2014, Driver Kamui Kobayashi will Again be Sponsored by Good Smile Company!


Japanese figure and hobby developer Good Smile Company will be sponsoring Driver Kamui Kobayashi for his return to the world’s forefront cutting edge motor-sport, the 2014 F1 race!

Renowned worldwide for their figures and other merchandise based on characters drawn from Japanese animation, video games, and pop culture, Good Smile Company (Sumida Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Takanori Aki) announced on Jan, 21 that they will be sponsoring the Caterham F1 Team driver Kamui Kobayashi for the 2014 season.

Currently the only Japanese driver racing in the F1, Kamui Kobayashi will continue to flaunt his skill on the world stage.  With an aggressive, overtake-intense driving style he has mesmerized F1 fans from all corners of the globe.  At the Japanese Grand Prix in 2012, Kamui took to the victory stand in 3rd  place with his personal best record.  In 2013, he became the first Asian driver to have a contract with Scuderia Ferrari and race in FIA World Endurance Championship.  And now, in 2014, he’s returned once again to the F1 to compete at the global level.

With an active interest in the international market, Good Smile Company began sponsoring Kamui Kobayashi in 2010, stating that they must “Support the Japanese man who’s taking on the world.”  In this 5th year of successive contracts, they intend to have their logo prominently featured on his racing suit.   They also expressed their intentions to continue actively supporting this Japanese man who has taken his talents to the world stage in the future.

In regard to the finalization of Good Smile Company’s sponsorship, Kamui Kobayashi made the following comments.

Comment by Kamui Kobayashi:

I’m incredibly excited to be an F1 racing driver once again.

And I’m really looking forward to being able to compete as part of the Caterham F1 Team.  It’s an honor that they’ve recognized my performance and experience, and I’m proud to announce that I’ll be racing with them.  I’ll do everything I can to utilize that experience as well as all my skill to strengthen the team and attain our goals this season.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to Good Smile Company for their continued corporate sponsorship.  I intend to take on this season full force to create an exciting races not only for Good Smile Company but also for fans.

I hope you’ll be cheering me on.

- Kamui Kobayashi




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