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Reflecting on the Sepang Race – Live Broadcast

Hello everyone, Suemii here.  Sorry there haven’t been any updates lately.

But I’m here today to tell you we’re going to have a live broadcast tomorrow!

It may seem like your average Wednesday, but due to scheduling constraints we’re sorry to say Supervisor Takanori Aki won’t be able to join us.  (He’ll actually be making an appearance at Anime Expo!)

This broadcast, we’ll be looking back at the Sepang Race!  Just what happened, anyway!?  Everyone be sure to check it out!

 ■ Niconico Live Broadcast

>>8PM JST sharp! All hands on deck! – So, how’d it go at Sepang?

(Wed) July 3, 2013
Opens at 19:57 JST, Broadcast at 20:00 JST

Guests: Representative Yasuaki Suzuki
Team Director Itsuo Ohashi
Sporting Director Ukyo Katayama
Drivers Nobuteru Taniguchi & Tatsuya Kataoka
Racing Miku Supporters

MC/Host: Ayami

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