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Receiving your Pin Badge at the Thailand Race


The Thai Burirum race this weekend is our first race in about 1 month.  I’m sure some of you are going to hop on your airplane soon.

And of course, we will be handing out pin badges to our Personal Sponsors in Thailand! Any of you coming to Thailand be sure not to forget your Personal Sponsors Card! See the design for this race below!

20171004 gsr 1

No matter what your Personal Sponsor rank, the badge you get is going to be huge.

And one more thing – here’s the sticker!

20171004 gsr 2

We’ll be passing these out to any and all, Personal Sponsor or not.

However, as there won’t be a GSR Shop at the Thailand Race, we were like… Where are we going to pass these out?

So if you happen to see me, Swemy, or Samurai as we’re wandering all over the track, just say hi. We’ll give you your pin badge right then and there (during qualifying and finals days only). You can also catch us during the Pit Walk!

* Here we are making our baller faces. Tsuttsu will not be handing out pin badges.

20171004 gsr 3

Everyone attending the race viewing will receive both of those bonuses as well – so don’t worry.

And we’re still looking to fill some seats!

>> Thai Race Live Viewing Ticket Site

【Event Info】
Place: Tokyo Culture-Culture
Address: cocoti SHIBUYA 4th Floor
Time: (Sun) Oct. 8 16:30 – 20:00
Admission: 3500JPY (includes present, one order required)
Guests: MC: Tomoko Aoki
Commentary: Shunsuke Kawano, and more
Our Lovely Racing Miku Supporters 2017 (Kelal Yamamura, Suzuna, Manae Miyakoshi), Noa Mizutani
Bonus Presents: Thai Race Pin Badge, Thai Race Sticker


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