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Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot in Nagoya – Sign up now!

Our sign-up for the Racing Miku Supporter Photo Session in Nagoya is going on right now.  We usually have it in June, but this year we’ll be going in September.  It’s hard to tell if there will be some lingering summer heat or more autumn-like weather, but there will be an outdoor photo session regardless – so let’s all hope for some clear skies!  There will be a rock-paper-scissors competition at the fan meeting, so be sure to come at dawn and stay until dusk!

Code numbers will be passed out at this event.

And you’ll have the opportunity to take some photos like this, when the girls aren’t wearing their race queen costumes!  (This is a photo from the last photo shoot.)

So check out the site below, read all the fine print, and be sure to sign up!

(Sun) Sept. 17, 2017 Nagoya Photo Shoot

>> Racing Miku Supporters Photo Shoot in Nagoya – Sign Up

Session 1 will be in a park – at a tea house! It will be at this tea house.

20180912 gsr 2

Session 2 will be in the girls race queen costumes like you see at the circuit. Session 3 will be in their personal clothes, and then Session 4 will be in “ethnic costumes,” as requested at our last fan meeting. You’ll get to look forward to seeing who’s wearing what all day!

The live webcast schedule will be announced at a later date.

20180912 gsr 3


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