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Racing Miku Supporter Osaka Photo Shoot Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.  Swemy here.

It’s time to announce the winners of our Racing Miku Supporter Osaka Photo Shoot Contest.

* Miku Supporter Award (USB Speakers)
Title: fight Mana-chan
Photographer: Nonno


Comment from Manae Miyakoshi:  Well, selecting a a photo of yourself is a little… you know (lol)… but when I posted this photo on SNS fans responded positively, and it has the #fightmanachan tag to support me as I strive to win the Race Queen Grand Prix, so I’ve got to select it!  Thank you!  I’ll do my best to win!

* SNS Award (GSR Camera Strap)
Title: Number One!
Photographer: kengo

20181221 gsr 2

Comment from the Photographer: As soon as Suzu-nyan saw this rock, she climbed it!  Just look at that smile.

This year will soon be over, and the term will soon be up for our 2018 Racing Miku Supporters.  Just thinking about it brings a tear to the eye.

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