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Racing Miku & Racing Luka Merch from CocoLabo!


Let’s take a look at some all-new items just released by CocoLabl!  Be sure to pick them up before the final race!

All of these were available for pre-sale at Magical Mirai.

Make your purchase at the link below.

>> CocoLab Racing Luka

We’ll start of with the standard full-print t-shirt!

20181028 gsr 1

Available in 3 sizes: M, L, and XL.  Priced at 5940JPY.  Her purple image color really stands out!

Next up is a mobile battery.

20181028 gsr 2

I’m one of those people who has to have a portable battery, too.  Holds 400mAh charge, enough to fully charge most any smart phone.  Priced at 4320JPY.

There’s also a pass case you can use for your commuter card, credit card, work ID, etc!

20181028 gsr 3

This one is priced at 2980JPY.  Hang around your neck for easy access to all your cards!

Last up is the smart phone case!

20181028 gsr 4

Available in S, M, and L sizes, so buy the one that fits your device!

Next up are the Racing Miku items.  You can purchase them at the link below.

>> CocoLabo Racing Miku

20181028 gsr 5

They have a Thailand Race Version Racing Miku full-print t-shirt, an extremely handy GSR logo container, and all kinds of other stuff.  The round towel is just what you’d think – a unique circular shaped towel.

Be sure to pick these up!  See the full line up below.

Racing Miku 2017 Thailand Race Ver. Full-Print T-Shirt
Sizes: M, L, XL   Price: 5900JPY

Racing Miku 2017 2017 Ver. Folding Container
Price: 7200JPY

Racing Miku 2017 Ver. Acrylic Clock
Price: 3980JPy

Racing Miku 2017 Ver. Round Towel
Price: 8100JPY



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