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Racing Miku 2016 Ver. Scale Figure – Available for Preorder Starting Tomorrow!


There’s yet to be a Racing Miku scale figure that recreated a pose featured in a key visual.  And this one features not only a key visual for this season, but the newest one at that!

So without further ado, let’s first take a look at that key visual.

20161109 gsr 2

And now, here’s the figure – which will go up for pre-sale tomorrow Nov. 10th!

20161109 gsr 3

Look how closely they’ve captured it!  Amazing!

20161109 gsr 4     20161109 gsr 5

They’ve completely captured every element of the 2D illustration in 3D!  Of course, even the most minute of details has been carefully captures!  This year’s costume, which was based on the themes of victory, the phoenix, and flame, and incorporates many of the ideas submitted by all of you out there, is hereby memorialized in this figure!

20161109 gsr 6

20161109 gsr 7

20161109 gsr 8

20161109 gsr 9

20161109 gsr 10

Look closely, and you’ll even see the markings on the tire!  Enough to make all you motorsports otaku out there “moe” – am I right? lol  And all the cute Weight-chan are there with her, too.  One is even perfectly balanced upon a certain nondescript energy drink!

Oh, right – The decoration master for this figure will be on display this weekend at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit.  So if you’re coming out to see the race, you’ll be able to take a peek before anyone else!  See you all at Motegi this weekend!

In addition, they’ve gone over some of the finer points of this figure over at the Kaho-tan Blog, so please take a look/read!

>> Kaho-tan Blog

The product details will go up tomorrow just past noon at the Goodsmile Company Official Site.

>> Goodsmile Company Official Site



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