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Pictures from the Hokkaido Event


Last week, the Miku Z4, past racing queen costumes, and much more were sent off to Hokkaido for the GSR 2014 Entry Announcement: Hokkaido Edition.  Let me share some pictures from the event with you!  There are some from the presentation given by Owner Takanori Aki and Team Manager Ukyo Katayama as well!

This Miku BMW set right in the middle of the departure lobby of the Shin-Chitose Airport in Hokkaido is the real deal – sent directly via land transport after Wonder Festival on February 9!  (Well, I suppose I should say the same replica that was on display at WF!)  We were quite concerned about transport given the heavy snow that had fallen, so it was quite a relief when the car arrived in Sapporo ahead of schedule.

20140224 hokkaido 1

There was a big display set up showing the history of the GSR Hatsune Miku Project from 2008 – 2013!   ASCII.jp has been with us every step of the way so…  if you guessed they were the one’s who set this up, you’d be right!

20140224 hokkaido 2

Here’s the hood that was outfitted on the car at the time we became season champions in 2011!  It’s usually on display at the front reception area of the Good Smile Company office.  The glimpse I gave you earlier on Twitter was in order to prepare it for transport to this event.  The championship trophy and much more were on display, too.

20140224 hokkaido 3

A display showing the different Racing Miku designs throughout history were on display, too!  The new 2014 Racing Miku that was announced at Wonder Festival was also included!

20140224 hokkaido 4

And then there were the racing queen costumes!  We didn’t have any from before 2010, but it sure took me back nonetheless!

20140224 hokkaido 5

And then, what you’ve all been waiting for, there was the presentation given by Owner Takanori Aki and Team Manager Ukyo Katayama.  For the most part, it was just a review of all the information given at WF, presented again for everyone who made it to Hokkaido.

20140224 hokkaido 6

20140224 hokkaido 7

We decided to live-stream it at the last minute, so thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch!  There was of course some talk that wasn’t included at the WF presentation.  And by the time I looked around, the place was totally packed!

20140224 hokkaido 8

If you take a good look, there are quite a few people wearing the Personal Sponsor hat!  Thank you all so much for coming!

Coming up next weekend, there will be a demo run of the 2011 model Miku Z4 at the TeamUKYO Announcement Party, so even though it’s still technically the off season there’s still lots to look forward to!



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