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Photo Contest Winners


We still have a photo contest going on right now, but 3 of the contests we’ve run are complete.

So let’s take a look at all of the 1st place winners.

First up is is the Super GT Round 5 Fuji Photo Contest 1st Place Winner!

20140919 contest 01

Title:  Bus Tour Special Service
Photographer:  Hide King


Next up is the Super GT First Half Contest Winner.

20140919 contest 02

Title:  The battle is over (*’д`*)
Photographer: Java@Noa-Ota


Make no doubt about it – Noa is a force to be reckoned with!  But we still have one more contest to go!

And the winner of the Super GT Round 6 Suzuka Photo Contest is… !

20140919 contest 03

Title:  Full throttle!!
Photographer:  Otome


It’s the Miku Z4, speeding towards the 1000km race finish line!  We’d like to thank you all for very impressive photos!

Well then,  we’d of course like to honor all of our first place winner recipients by sending them just that!

A Pin Badge of Honor!

20140919 contest 04

With a special 57mm size, it really is a Medal of Honor!

We’d like to offer our apologies to all the contest winners who have been patiently standing by, as your prizes will ship out from this weekend.

There will be many more photo contests to come, too, so we look forward to seeing all your passionate work!

This weekend will be the Racing Miku Supporters Photo Session in Fukuoka, which will also have a photo contest, so hope you’ll all participate!  It will be GSR’s first trip ever to Fukuoka!  And, it’s Racing Miku Supporter Kelal’s home town!

>>  Racing Miku Supporters Photo Session in Fukuoka



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