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Our Spa Entry is all Over the News!


Our absolutely honest and sincere Total 24 Hours of Spa Endurance Race Entry may have been taken April Fools joke, but no matter the fact that the announcement was made on a Sunday, a lot of media outlets picked it up.

Not only that, we were surprised that it was picked up by many foreign media outlets as well.

20170322 gsr 2

So I thought we might take a look at all of the articles posted about us in the media.  Check out all the links below!  Many are in English and other foreign languages, so even our global fans will be able to read them (sorry Japanese fans!).


・RESPONCE → here

・Motorsport.com (Japanese) → here

・ASCII.jp (Japanese) → here

・Piapro (Japanese) → here

・Yahoo! News 1 (Japanese) → here

・Yahoo! News 2 (Japanese) → here

・Hakkadoll (Japanese) → here

・Digi-mono ni Umoreru Hibi (Japanese) → here

・Sportscar365 (English) → here

・FansWEC (French) → here

・Motorsport.com (Italian) → here

・Super GT World (English) → here

・Endurance-Info.com 1 (Portuguese) → here

・Endurance-Info.com 2 (English) → here

・Diariomotor (Spanish) → here

・Dailysportscar (English) → here

・motor.es (Spanish) → here



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