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Our Motegi & 2016 Photo Contest Winners


Time to announce our winners for the Round 3 and Round 8 Twin Ring Motegi Race Photo Contest and our Comprehensive 2016 Photo Contest!  We had nothing but cool photos, and I’m sure everyone voting had a hard time reaching their decision…

We’ll start with the Motegi Race!

>> Round 8 Twin Ring Motegi

20170119 gsr 1

Title: Run through like a phoenix

Photographer: hoku

This is known as an “S-shaped photo.”  The streaked lines are especially awesome!  Driving at these speeds is what got us to the victory stand!  This is truly a spectacular shot!  Congratulations, hoku.  Your original pin badge will be in the mail soon.

Next us is our 2016 Series Photo Contest.  Any GSR related photo taken during 2016 was eligible for entry.

>> Goodsmile Racing 2016 Series

20170119 gsr 2

Title: And now for the climax.

Photographer: Torifuto Wagon

It was the very last event of the 2015 season, and the very beginning of 2016 when our very own Tsuttsu was crowned victorious as the Race Queen Grand Prize Grand Prix winner!  In a truly unprecedented turn of events, Team Owner Aki and Driver Taniguchi were there at the ceremony to present her with flowers!  Things were looking brighter and brighter for her future.  Congratulations, Torifuwagon!  Your pin badge will be in the mail soon.

Check out the gallery below to see all of our past photo contest winners.

>> Photo Contest Compilation Page




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