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Once Again, Photos of the figma Racing Miku


The figma Racing Miku 2014 Ver. made her debut at Wonder Festival, but let’s take another look at her in a series of photos!



20140805 figma 01

Here she is striking the pose from the second key illustration released this season!   The ever-changing extreme posability is one of the best points of the figma, don’t you think?

OK, next!

20140805 figma 02

Here she’s posed like she is in the first illustration, the same design that’s featured on the hood of the Miku Z4!  Even the long waves of her hair have been recreated beautifully!

20140805 figma 03

And her back is just the way you see here!  Even the equipment at her back and hips have been made with the utmost care in regard to detail.

20140805 figma 04


Please note that this figma will not be available anywhere else.  The only way to get your hands on this one is be becoming a Personal Sponsor and ordering the figma Course!

Registration will be open until Sept. 10 (overseas customers can enjoy ordering the 7000JPY Course until Oct. 27), so we hope you’ll lend us your support!


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