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NicoNico Super Meeting Day 1 – Photo Report


Thanks to everyone who came to the NicoNico Super Meeting, the Good Smile booth, and the Yokohama booth!

Just like the guy at the Yokohama Rubber clothing line booth at the Super Meeting said, “Remember our name when you leave here today!”  The objective today was to appeal to the masses that came to NicoNico Super Meeting.  All kinds of people were like, “What’s that booth over there?”  stopping dead in their tracks, so I believe it’s safe to say that we met our appeal quotas.

The hands-on tire-change try-out was especially popular, with both the men and the ladies, and cosplayers could do it just like that, in their costumes.  There were some who said, “This is lighter than I thought!” when they picked up the tires, and others who were surprised at the vibration of the impact wrench.

And tons of Personal Sponsors showed up, too!

So here I present to you a photo report, showing what it was like on day 1!  (There are photos of other booths, too.)

20140428 choukai 01

All the staff wore a necktie in Miku’s color!  You can tell we’re all on the same team – lol!

20140428 choukai 02

Players of the tire-toss mini game received this “1-2 Win” poster.  As it’s a participatory prize, that means everybody got one

20140428 choukai 03      20140428 choukai 04

Here are RS Fine mechanics Shun and Satoshi showing how the tire change is really done.  After that was the tire-change try-out.  With a real race car, real tires, and real tools, participants changed out tires under the instruction of real mechanics – this thing was really over the top.

20140428 choukai 05

The day 1 Racing Miku Supporters were Sennya and Noa!  Lots of people took their picture.

20140428 choukai 06      20140428 choukai 07

We went over to have some fun at the Good Smile booth.  We tried some shooting games,  put on Terra Formers masks, took part in their live web cast…

20140428 choukai 08      20140428 choukai 09

Oh, right.  The fully-painted figma Isle of Man Miku was also on display.  Did you guys check it out?

20140428 choukai 10      20140428 choukai 11

TeamMIRAI will be taking on Pike’s Peak this year, and Seasonal Plants will be making an umbrella for us.  And the TT 0-13 was on display at the Seasonal Plants booth!  The two girls here are Shiori Nanai and Nonny.  They’re also both All-Japan Rally race queens!

20140428 choukai 12      20140428 choukai 13

When I went to say hello at the Yokohama booth, Team Owner Takanori Aki was trying his hand at changing tires!  The first time he clocked in at around 15 seconds, but the second time it took about 8 seconds.  Shun and the guys can do it in about 4-6 seconds, so this was really fast.

20140428 choukai 13      20140428 choukai 14

After the event was over, Sennya and Nao gave it a try, too!  Sennya was too freaked out about the impact wrench and never got around to the tire changing part – lol!  But Nao completed the task – check out that smiling face!

On the way home, I checked out something that I had been wanting to see.

20140428 choukai 15      20140428 choukai 16

I’m wondering how in the world they got these things here myself – this Apache helicopter and giant isopod.  Don’t tell me the Apachi flew all the way to Makuhari Messe just like that – lol!

This was my first time going to the NocoNico Super Meeting, but it’s really fun!  I really enjoyed it.

That’s all for today!

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