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Nendoroid Racing Miku Featuring on Kaho-tan Blog!


The Nendoroid Course is available for registration right now.  We’ve shown off this year’s Nendoroid at the circuit and on our live webcast, but now she’s been featured on the Kaho-tan blog!

20170428 gsr 1

>> Race Track Diva – Nendoroid Racing Miku!

She’d done such a cute job of highlighting each and every detail!  This Nendoroid is only available to Personal Sponsors who sign up for the Nendoroid Course, so if you know you want her be sure to click the link below.  In addition to the Nendoroid, you can received team wear and other original goods are included depending on the sponsorship level!  For more details, check out the image below the link.

We once again hope for your donations and support this season!

>> Personal Sponsors Web Entry Site

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