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My Trip to the Tsukuba Circuit


I went to the Tsukuba Circuit 1000 first thing yesterday morning.

It was for an event we plan to have at the Motor Fan Meeting.  As for what we’re going to do, hang on because I’ll have more info coming soon.

At Tsukuba, we’ll mainly be racing the Z4 and SLS, as well as c0nsumer cars and classic cars.

What do you think?  Not a scene you get to see everyday is it?!

20170128 gsr 1

Team Owner Takanori Aki is behind the wheel!  And next to him is the driving instructor – lol

20170128 gsr 2

Here’s Aki driving the SLS.

20170128 gsr 3

Last is a mix-matched line up of old and new cars – total chaos!  I couldn’t get them all in a single shot, but you can see Driver Taniguchi getting carried away in the 180SX – lol

20170128 gsr 4

Shun drove the SLS as well, with me riding beside him.  We took a video of that experience so check it out.  It felt like my neck was going to break from the centripetal force!  Compare the looks on our faces as I simply sit in the passenger seat while Shun cooly drives the car.  My eyes look blue due to the blue light cut – lol



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