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Miku Supporter Toku Photo Shoot (Round 3) – Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.
Swemy here.

We had Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoots in Tokyo three times this season, and the last one also serves as our last photo contest for the year.

Session 1-2 were held in the underground parking garage at Goodsmile Company with our champion cars throughout GSR history, Session 3 was Santas as promised, and Session 4 was the girls wearing selections from their personal wardrobes.

As you might expect, most entries were from Session 1 and 2, but there were so many great photos submitted that the Miku Supporters had difficulty reaching an accord – so the as their spokesperson Tsuttsu made the final selection.

Miku Supporter Award
Miku Supporter Photo Shoot: Tokyo (Round 3)
・Prize: USB Speakers
Title: Will Santa visit me?

20181226 gsr 16

Photographer: Harumaki
Comment from Tsuttsu (as Miku Supporter representative):
“At the photo shoot you mostly see photos with us looking at the camera, but an unexpected photo like this is rather impressive, too!!  And her expression is really cute, making this a great shot!”

・SNS Award (GSR Camera Strap)
Title: Zukki’s Soaring Wings

20181226 gsr 17

Photographer: Kunihiro
Photographer’s Comment:
“The gull wing doors sure are something else… Glad she can carry on the tradition of our legendary Gull Wing Pose.”

So there you have it – the end of our 2018 Season Photo Contests.
Thank you all for a great year!

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