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Miku Supporter Photo Shoot – Road Closures


The Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot in Osaka is coming up this weekend, but as the Osaka Marathon will be held the same day, there will be some road closures.  As for how it will effect our photo sessions, a few routes will be closed off when traveling between the the outdoor session in Fujita Historic Mansion Park and the photo studio.  The link below contains the road closure notice.  Be sure to check it out if you’re coming by car.

>> Osaka Marathon Official Site

If possible, park your car in a lot somewhere and then take public transportation, or try to leave as early as possible.  Not only will there be road closures, there will also be traffic jams, so you’re movement by car will be incredibly restricted.

The photo studio has recommended that you take the Tanimachisuji, or take the north road instead of the south road when leaving the park to ensure that you reach the studio in time.

Don’t forget that registration is still open for the Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot!  There will be a Halloween costume session, so if you’re interested please feel free to come in a costume yourself!

>>  Racing Miku Supporters 2016: Photo Shoot in Osaka

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