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Miku Supporter Photo Shoot in Tokyo & Nagoya – Contest Winners

Hey, everyone.

Swemy here.

The voting period for our Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot Photo Contests is up, so let’s announce our winners! We’ll be giving away two awards – the Miku Supporter Award to an entry selected by a Racing Miku Supporter and the SNS Award given to the entry with the most votes. The prizes will be sent out to the recipients soon, so please enjoy them!

Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot – Tokyo
・Miku Supporter Award (USB Speakers)
Title: Princess Miku, Attended by the Goddess of Victory
Photographer: Dorifuto Wagon

Comment from Our Juror, Suzuna: Here you’ve got 2 champion cars and our very own Tsuttsu – nothing but wins all around!

20180903 gsr 01

・SNS Award (GSR Camera Strap)
Title: Kanzaki Racing Miku in the Flesh
Photographer: Harumaki
Photographer’s Comment: This dynamic pose is perfect – she looks just like the high energy and super cute Racing Miku 2018 design by Kanzaki Hiro.

20180903 gsr 02

Racing Miku Supporter Photo Shoot – Nagoya
・Miku Supporter Award (USB Speakers)
Title: -Party People-Culted-
Photographer: Kunihiro

Comment from our Juror, Kazuky: I chose this one because we all have the absolute perfect “party people” vibe going.  And I like the contrast. I like the “Culted” part of the title too – it’s cool.

20180903 gsr 03

・SNS Award (GSR Camera Strap)
Title: So Sophisticated
Photographer: kengo
Photographer’s Comment: Suzu-nyan really looks good in yukata! Thank you for such a wonderful smile, despite the heat.

20180903 gsr 04



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