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Miku AMG on Display until the 16th! Get to Haneda Airport Now!


Right now, GOODSMILE RACING &TeamUKYO’s racing car, the Goodsmile Hatsune Miku AMG, is on display in Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport as part of the Mercedes me Tokyo HANEDA exhibit.

I’m sure many of you have already gone out to see it, but as there’s only one week of the exhibit left, if you haven’t seen it yet then be sure to take advantage of this chance!  It’s right in front of you as you exit the ticket gates.  I went to go see it, too.  There were all kinds of people taking photos – suffice to say it significantly stands out.

From the 16th onwards we’ll be taking it in for its all new 2017 paint job, so if you’re going to see the 2016 version this is your absolute final chance!  It’s just as it was immediately after the Motegi race – along with all the scratches and damage.

Event Summary

Dates:  Dec. 29 – Jan. 16, 2017

Place:  Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Mercedes me Tokyo HANEDA Gallery Space

20170111 gsr 01

The Miku AMG is waiting there to greet you, as soon as you get off the train!

20170111 gsr 02  20170111 gsr 03

20170111 gsr 04  20170111 gsr 05

I love how the light is shining directly on Miku like that – lol

20170111 gsr 06

You can take as many photos as you’d like, but try not to hog the pole position OK!

20170111 gsr 07

Battle scars!  Oops, there goes the ASCII.jp logo…

20170111 gsr 08

You can even take photos from the upper floor!

20170111 gsr 09

Out stat sheet, casually on display.

There’s not much time left, but if you do make it out be sure to enter your photos in our photo contest!

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