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Mari Shimazaki Illustrations – Transformation Edition


I’ve introduced some of Mari Shimazaki’s illustrations and concept art before, but this time… Wow!!  Take a look at how certain accessories can transform.

Now it all makes sense!  All the pieces fit together! – is what you may find yourself saying, too.  We apologize, but the figma included in the figma Course (still accepting reservations – get it while you can!) won’t be able to transform like this, but the skirt-like portion at her waist is recreated in loving detail!

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This time, I’ll be introducing an innocent white version!  With her wings spread wide, she really looks like an angel, right!?

Simply divine.

First off, here is the full costume version.  Unlike the final version, please note the portion around her shoulder.

20131030 racing miku 1

Here the shoulder portion seems to have opened up.

20131030 racing miku 2

In this one, the skirt portion has been removed.  Very sexy!

20131030 racing miku 3

With the beauty and grace of a butterfly, here is the shoulder portion unfurled.

20131030 racing miku 4

An angel has descended from the clouds!  With her skirt fanned out like that, the pieces seem almost like feathers!

20131030 racing miku 5


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