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Magical Mirai Recap! With Pics!


Hatsune Miku’s birthday concert was held on Aug. 30, and GSR had a booth there!  If you were lucky enough to attend and kind enough to pay us a visit, we thank you very much for stopping by!

One thing’s for sure – it was a real scorcher!   I got burnt to a crisp.

I was handing out fliers and stickers for most of the day and didn’t get to take so many photos, but I think you’ll still get a feel for the atmosphere so let me show you some of the few I got!

- These Miku waited to greet guests outside the reception room!

20130902 mirai 1

20130902 mirai 2

- In the morning, only the Z4 was there to represent – lol

20130902 mirai 3

- Hurry up and get the bike out there…

20130902 mirai 4

- All 3 Racing Miku Supporters were there, too!  They really spiced things up.

20130902 mirai 5

20130902 mirai 6

20130902 mirai 7

- All the goods at our vendor booth sold out in a flash!

20130902 mirai 8

- People set up their Miku Shrines, too, just like you see at the track…

20130902 mirai 9

- Here is TeamMIRAI Representative Iwamoto together with the Racing Miku Supporters

20130902 mirai 10

- But before you knew it, the party was over!

20130902 mirai 11

- All around the Yokohama Arena, restaurants were providing special Miku services, too – like this 10% off with your ticket stub deal – lol

20130902 mirai 12



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