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Looking Back – Super GT 2018 Official Test @ Fuji Speedway


Hey, everyone.

The Super GT Fuji Speedway Official Tire Test was held last weekend.

GSR’s new car had just arrived, so we had our shakedown (first drive).

20180328 gsr 1

There was no time to apply the 2018 version wrapping, so we just had the big and gaudy “GSR” letters.

And as the new car is made for “endurance driving,” the fog lamps were still equipped.

As these will all be changed out before any real races, you’ll only see the car look like this during the Fuji Test.

20180328 gsr 2

20180328 gsr 3

20180328 gsr 4

20180328 gsr 5

But it’s kind of cool to see it with a new look.  (Thank you to the photographer who provided this photo.)

20180328 gsr 6

Add to that, the racing suits this year are white.

And reflective!  They look awesome.

20180328 gsr 7

20180328 gsr 8

A lot of fans came over to show their support during the open pit time.

And more than anything, seeing all the Personal Sponsors in the stands waving GSR banners really got us pumped up to do our best and win this year.

20180328 gsr 9

As for our test results, the car performed well, everyone warmed up to it, and we were able to complete all items on the schedule.

The Porche was the fastest overall, the newest GT-R had the best speed on straightaways as anticipated, the power of the JAF-GT made driving look easy, and there were other cars that seemed to be hiding their fangs.  The BMW was rather fast as well, but we’ll do our best to bring home first place for the team.

Thank you all for your continued support.


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