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Looking Back at the 2014 WF Pep Rally


Hey, everyone!  Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to the Wonder Festival Pep Rally on Feb. 9, as well as the folks who came by Shin-Chitose Airport on the 11th for our Pep Rally: Hokkaido Edition!

They were both filled with all kinds of excitement, but today we’ll be taking a look back at the Wonder Festival Pep Rally – with lots of pics!

This is when the team and staff took to the stage!  Wait…  there’s one person missing….

20140218 WF 1

Yes, that’s right – due to heavy snow fall on the previous day (and subsequent delay of public transportation, airports, etc.), Driver Taniguchi was unable to make it in time for the show.  But he did manage to arrive after it was over! lol

Next up was the unveiling of this year’s Racing Miku!

20140218 WF 2

Followed by the the unveiling of the car – check out this shot of the car and the wall together!

20140218 WF 3

And then the moment that everyone had been waiting for: the introduction of this year’s Racing Miku Supporters…

20140218 WF 4

No, no – you’re not seeing double – lol!  This year we have 4 gorgeous racing queens on the team.  Both Tsuttsu and Senya have stayed on from last year, and joining them are Kelal from the Mach 5 (Speed Racer) team and Noa from the EVA (Evangelion) team – it’s complete 4-girl ita-sha line-up!

20140218 WF 5

And another thing everyone had been talking about since it was announced at the end of last year, the true form of year’s car design was also revealed!  Mr. Shoji Kawamori was there in person to tell us all about his design for the car to mecha transformation!

20140218 WF 6

In order to create a transformation that was as realistic as possible, he incorporated many identifiable Z4 parts into the post-transformation design.  He also hinted at a further development in the future, so be sure to stay tuned!  I’m personally hoping that it joins the line-up of die-cast robot toys – lol!

Then there was one last photo-op of everyone on the stage! (Except Tanichi.)

With a joint cheer of “yay-yay-yo!” the presentation was a wrap.

20140218 WF 7

And after an open photo session, the pep rally came to an end.  In case you’re wondering, yes, I did re-take this photo after Taniguchi showed up – lol!

We hope you’ll all be lending us your support this season!



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