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Looking Back at 2016 (Part 1)


With the very last GSR event of the year, our Yer-End Party coming up next week, and the world around us painted the colors of Christmas, you can’t help but get the feeling that 2016 is about to come to a close.

But before we let it end just like that, let’s take a moment to reflect back on 2016.  We’ll start with the races.

Round 1  Okayaka International Circuit

April 9   Qualifying: 8th

April 10   Finals: 2nd

We weren’t able to realize our full potential during the qualifying, but during our pit stop in the final race we opted to change out only 2 of the tires and continued to gain rank ever after.  Though we were unable to pass #65 in 1st place, finishing the first race in 2nd place isn’t a bad way to start out the season.

20161214 gsr 1

20161214 gsr 2


Round 2  Fuji Speedway

May 3   Qualifying: 10th

May 4   Finals: 18th

First and foremost, we were unable to boost our top speed and got passed in the straightaway, but on top of that we had a disappointing burst tire during the second stint.  We finished the race 18th place, making it our worst performance all season.  Just remembering that race takes But looking on the bright side, we also had our newest Racing Miku Supporter Suzuna (who we lovingly call Suzunyan!) join us from this race forward.

20161214 gsr 3

20161214 gsr 4

Round 4  Sportsland SUGO

July 23   Qualifying: 8th

July 24   Finals: 7th

As Round 3 at the Autopolis track was cancelled due to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, there were no races for 2 and a half months following the race at Fuji.  We generally have a hard time at the SUGO track, but we were at least able to race without any significant difficulty this year.  Just as were about to pass car #88 in front of us, car #18 crashed and the race was called to a halt under a red flag.  As there were only a few laps remaining, the race ended just like that.

20161214 gsr 5

20161214 gsr 6

We’ll end here for today!  I intend to pick up where we left off tomorrow!



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