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I Went to Studie’s Announcement Party


They may be traveling down a different path than GSR today, but as Suzuki is still in command over at Studie, I went over to pay them a visit.

20140220 studie 1

Check out all the suits!  I stuck out like a sore thumb in my jeans and windbreaker – lol!

20140220 studie 2

Not only that, I chose the absolute worse place to stand and could only get shots of the entrants’ backs…  Then again, the room was packed and this was pretty much the only place that was open.

First the drivers were introduced.  Ta-dah!

20140220 studie 3

Here we have our good friend Yogi, the driver Jorg Mueller, and world-renowned ruffian Seiji Ara – a truly formidable pair!  With a line up this good, they could take on the world.

But on the other hand, over at GSR we have a certain Mr. Taniguchi and the world renowned Tatsuya Kataoka, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it – lol.

20140220 studie 4     20140220 studie 5

All these cute teddy bears are from Studie’s primary sponsor, “Stieff.”

I’d never heard of them before, so I checked them out on wikipedia and discovered that they’re a German teddy bear maker with over 100 years of history!  What an awesome collaboration of German craftsmanship!

Let’s take a look at the paint job…

20140220 studie 6 20140220 studie 7 20140220 studie 8

It’s a simple, unadorned design, utilizing the color scheme of BMW Works!

As evidenced by the roof, Weider is also one of Studie’s sponsors.

Next up is going to be the test run in March where they’ll make their driving debut.  GSR will be participating, too, so you know who you’re going to be cheering for, right!?



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