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Hey! Sunglasses from Washin go on sale today!


You know, those folding sunglasses that up until now you’ve only seen on our lovely Racing Miku Supporters at events.

20170922 gsr 01

They’re the latest release from Washin!  And these sunglasses will be available in all their glory, starting today at 12pm JST!

You can purchase them here!

>> Washin Palette

Priced at 16,200JPY.  The sides are accented with the GSR logo, the package features this year’s key visual illustrated by Tony, AND they come with a super cute Nendoroid illustration microfiber cloth cleaner.  The glasses case is cool, too!

The sun’s ultraviolet light is strong not only in the summer,  but also in the winter, so please pick up this eye-wear to protect your precious eyes!

20170922 gsr 02


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