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Hatsune Miku GT Project Fan Appreciation Festival – Tickest on Sale Today!


On last Friday’s blog I introduced the Hatsune Miku GT Project Fan Appreciate Festival, which will be featured as part of the Motorsports Fan Meeting – and tickets will go on sale today, Feb. 6!

>> Motorsports Fan Meeting

Today we’ll have both the general admission (1200JPY) and Special Battle Experience tickets available for purchase.

Among the Special Battle Experience tickets are tickets for drivers Taniguchi and Kataoka.  They’re priced at 150,000JPY, but allow you to experience the action right beside a professional driver.  It’s something you probably won’t find anywhere else, so be sure to sign up!

Oh, and one more thing!

Team Manager Ukyo Kataoka!

20170206 gsr 1

Together with Driver Kamui!

20170206 gsr 2

Just as we announced the other day, Driver Kamui Kobayashi will be participating in an event, and as Goodsmile Racing we knew we couldn’t just sit around idly and let that happen – we had to do something big.

Thus we present to you one more Special Battle Experience.

Ukyo vs Kamui

20170206 gsr 3

And you’ll have the chance to experience this unbelievable race riding right beside them!  As you can see in the practice run above, it’s been a while but Team Manager Ukyo is back behind the GT car wheel.  According to Ukyo, “It’s got all kinds of knobs and buttons, and though I wasn’t sure which to push when, but I eventually got the hang of it.  Totally different than the 80 Supra I drove in my JGTC days.  I was also surprised at how the SLS and Z4 handle so differently – it’s not a matter of which handles better.”

Kamui on the other hand has a lot of experience with touring cars, in races such as the WEC.  But no one is sure just how the race will turn out.

You could hear the confidence in Ukyo’s voice as he said, “I’m the only one on the course who’s not an active driver.  So whoever is riding in the seat next to me… Had better come prepared. lol  But even if you’re not in the passenger seat, this event is going to be super exciting!”  His performance was excellent during the second half of the practice run, so I’m sure he’ll be fine!

20170206 gsr 4

20170206 gsr 5

As it will be a first for both Ukyo and Kamui to race in a Racing Miku GT3 car, even if you don’t participate in the event be sure to capture lots of images of this unforgettable moment.

This ticket will go on sale

Feb. 8 at 8pm JST!

Priced at 150,000JPY!

The Kamui Kobayashi ride-share ticket will be available via raffle at the event.  Details regarding how to enter and more will be available at the Motorsports Fan Meeting official site in the near future, so be sure to check it out!

See you at the Tsukuba Circuit Feb. 26!





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