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Hatsune Miku GT Project Fan Appreciation Festival 2017


At last year’s Year End Party we announced that a Motorsports Fan Meeting sponsored by Sanei Shobo would be held on (Sun) Feb. 26, but among the many festivities will be Hatsune Miku GT Project Fan Appreciation Festival 2017 themed events!

>> Motorsports Fan Meeting

At the Motorsports Fan Meeting, we’ll be holding a Mercedes Benz AMG 45 Driving School and Ita-sha Showcase event.  But this won’t be a GSR exclusive event like it was last year.

However, rest assured that GSR is still up to a few tricks never before done in the racing world!  We’ll be offering our “Supreme Experience” course just like last year – where you get to experience a race in the passenger’s seat, complete with pit stops – but that’s not all, we’ve added something even more incredible.  Take a look at this photo.  We had a pre-festival test (and practice run) at the Tsukuba Circuit the other day…

20170203 gsr 7

Long time no see, Miku SLS… Wait, let’s take a closer look…

20170203 gsr 8

OMG!?  There’s a passenger seat in there!  We mentioned that we might be adding a passenger seat at the Year-End Party, and that prophecy has quickly become a reality!

So there’s a passenger seat in the Z4.  And there could only be one reason why!

Drivers Taniguchi and Kataoka are going to head off, one-on-one, in the Z4 and SLS!

And you could be in the passenger seat bearing witness to all that action!

Instead of the Supreme Experience, this year we’ll be offering the

Special Battle Experience.

With Taniguchi in the SLS and Kataoka in the Z4 we’ll be putting on a genuine race over at the Tsukuba Circuit.  The length of the race will be 4 laps.  Including the pit stop, you’ll make two passes on the straightaway!  Tail to nose!  Side by side!  This is probably your one and only chance to witness a one on one race between two top-class professional racers, not from the sidelines by literally by their side!

It’ll kind of look something like this!  (Though we’ll actually be using the 2000 Course.)

20170203 gsr 10

20170206 gsr 3

It’s priced at 150,000JPY (with limited availability), but I think it’s definitely worth the cost.  So much so that I blurted out, “That’s cheap!” as soon as I heard the price.  You’re in a real race car, with top-class drivers Taniguchi and Kataoka, and no handicaps in an all-out earnest race (though they are equipped with restricters).  If you’re a racing fan, this is like a dream come true!

But there’s a lot more to excitement than just the Special Battle Experience.

Our popular AMG Circuit Taxi event will also be back!  Ride together with various drivers in the AMG GT, A45, and other Mercedes-AMG road cars!  We’ll unveil our drivers soon.  But just think of all the amazing drivers in the GSR extended family…. !!!

And as a special guest, we’ll be inviting a man who’s fate is invariable intertwined with GSR…

Driver Kamui Kobayashi.

As for what exactly he’ll be doing for us, we’ll tell you in the near future.  But I’ll let you know that it’s something worth getting excited over!

We’ll also have a stage event with a speech presentation and present giveaway!  There are tons of attractions you can enjoy for just the cost of entry (1200JPY in advance, 1500JPY at the door).  And the event will be held on a Sunday this time around, so we look forward to seeing a huge turnout!

There are more events being added as we speak, but we’ll leave it off here for today!

Tickets, including general admission tickets, will go on sale on Feb. 6 at 8pm JST, via the Auto Sports site below (Special Battle Experience tickets include the cost of admission).  Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready!

>> Auto Sports Web Shop



20170203 gsr 11

Expect something big!


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