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Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – Special Photo Contest Winners! “10 Years of Miku Supporters Memories”

Hey, everyone.

This is Hirano from the Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO staff.

First of all, our most sincere apologies for keeping you all waiting!

Please allow me to announce our winners for the Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – Special Photo Contest!

This was one of the many special contests, projects, and events we held last year to usher in the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s 10th year.

For more information, please see our Special 10th Anniversary site.

There were 3 different Special Photo Contests:

1. 10 Years of Racing Memories
2. 10 Years of Miku Supporter Memories
3. 10 Years of Figure & Merch Memories

So without further ado, let’s call our 10 Years of Racing Supporter Memories winners to the victory stand.

They include the entries voted to 1st and 2nd place, as well as entries selected by our lovely 2018 Racing Miku Supporters: Tsukasa Arai, Suzuna, Manae Miyakoshi, and Wakana Kaduki.

First up is our 1st place SNS winner “Lovely” by H.G.
Here’s a comment from H.G.: The day of the June 2016 Racing Miku Photo Shoot in Nagoya was rather cloudy, but being outside and all the greenery and Noa-chan were both beautiful.

Congratulations, H.G.!

20190319 gsr 2 1

In 2nd place is “The Summer that Set the Mark for the next 10 Years” by Kunihiro.
Here’s a comment from Kunihiro: Marking the start of the Suzuka 10H Race as well as the start of another 10 years for GSR, the Racing Miku Supporters look onward to pave the way for GSR’s 20th anniversary.  *The Racing Miku Supporters overlook the grandstand, taken from the 2018 Suzuka 10H lounge.”

20190319 gsr 2 2

We began entering the Suzuka 10 Hours race last year.  The lounge allows everyone in the team and our Racing Miku Supporters to be even closer to our Personal Sponsors.  We’ll be entering this year too, and hope to see you all there!

Congratulations on your victory, Kunihiro!

Here’s the entry selected by Team Owner Aki Takanori!

It’s Drift Wagon’s “It all started here! The Legendary(?) 1st GSR Cup!!”
Here’s Drift Wagon’s comment: The first ever ita-bike, ita-course etc. full-regulation cycling event – the GSR Cup!  And amidst this huge event started yet another tradition, where the Racing Miku Supporters cool you down with a splash of water.  Come to think of it, Senya-san isn’t here so is that another reason to go crazy… lol?  Is it running down now?  The art of passing out onigiri started around this time, too!

20190319 gsr 2 3

In other words, this photo is from the GSR Cup.

Comment from Team Owner Aki: It’s a playful way to interact with fans.  And here you see 3 of our representative queen characters.  Whenever you look back at something in its very beginning, you can see that everything was there in its place.”

Any event where the Racing Miku Supporters douse you with water is like something out of a dream, am I right?

This year we’ll be hosting a “Character Endurance Race” so be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

Event: Character Endurance Race 2019 in Mobara
Date: (Sat) April 20, 2019
Place: Mobara Twin Circuit
Main Sponsor: Character Endurance Race Committee (Aurora, Inc., Sunbolt, Inc.)
Officiator: Aurora
Official Site: http://charaen.jp/index.html

Next up are the photos selected by our lovely Racing Miku Supporters.

First up is the entry selected by Tsuttsu (Tsukasa Arai).

It’s “A gathering of Racing Miku Supporters!” by Drift Wagon.
Here’s his comment:
They’ve shown us many sides of themselves over the last 10 years, but looking at their photos from the past over and over again, I still wouldn’t want to let a single one go!  Having them all stand here, that’s the one thing you can’t see!!  It took me quite a while, but that’s what I came up with in the end!!  Here it is, a shot from the Grand Finale, celebrating GSR’s 10th Anniversary!  The gathering of all Racing Miku Supporters past and present!!!

All of the drivers got together at the fan meeting, but I’d say the Miku Supporters significantly outnumber them, no?
There’s nothing like this that better shows there’s not much distance between the team, race queens, and fans.
I wish it had gone on longer, but it was an awesome event!

20190319 gsr 2 4

Congrtulations, Drift Wagon!  This certainly was an especially festive day, with all of our Racing Miku Supporters from years past.  And Swemy sitting there in the half cut-out in the corner is a nice touch, too.

Here’s the comment from Tsuttsu:
I never thought I’d have the opportunity to be with the girls I admired in photos before I myself became a Racing Miku Supporter, as well as the girls I’ve shared so many memories of joy and frustration over the years, together here on one stage – I selected this photo as it has a very special personal significance for me.
This is a team beloved not only by the fans, but also by the Race Queens.  This  year-end party reminded me of that once again.


Next up is the entry selected by Suzuna and Mana (Manae Miyakoshi).
It’s Nonno’s “We Are the Champions!”
Here’s Nonno’s comment:
“Our season victory brings a tear to our Miku Supporter’s eye at the 2017 Motegi Race.”


It was no easy path to victory that year, but truly riddled with strife.

And the Miku Supporters were there every step of the way, so when we were crowned season champions they were truly overcome with joy.

So please make it out to the circuit at least once so you can share in that moment of happiness with them.  It’s fun cheering on the team together!

Here’s a comment from Suzuna:
This was my second year as a race queen, the year when I finally felt like I understood the inner workings of the race and the year we were crowned season champion!  Being a part of the GSR team the year we won the championship, I was overcome with gratitude for the unbelievable support we’d received.  I’ll never forget the shared sense of joy between the team and all of the Personal Sponsors!”

And here’s a comment from Mana:
It was my first year to experience and fall in love with the bond between the team and the fans as well as team itself, and I was so happy to end that year watching us win the season championship.
Everyone’s happily smiling face is so cute, too!

The last recipient of our Racing Miku Supporter’s choice award was selected by Zuky (Wanaka Kaduki).

It’s “The Summer that Set the Mark for the next 10 Years” by Kunihiro!
The same entry that won our SNS 2nd place award!

20190319 gsr 2 2

Here’s Zuky’s comment:
This shot captures the gratitude of spending last summer of the Heisei Era as well as the GSR 10th anniversary and Suzuka 10 Hours race together with everyone.  Remembering those green seats in the grandstand will always stir my heart.   Thank you for capturing this photo that encapsulates all of those memories.  And this is why I selected this photo.”

Well, there you have it!  The winners of our Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – 10 Years of Miku Supporters Memories Photo Contest.

More to come!


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