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Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – Special Photo Contest Winners! “10 Years of Figure & Merch Memories”

Hey, everyone.

This is Hirano from the Goodsmile Racing & TeamUKYO staff.

First of all, our most sincere apologies for keeping you all waiting!

Please allow me to announce our winners for the Hatsune Miku GT Project 10 Year Anniversary – Special Photo Contest!

This was one of the many special contests, projects, and events we held last year to usher in the Hatsune Miku GT Project’s 10th year.

For more information, please see  our Special 10th Anniversary site.

There were 3 different Special Photo Contests:

1. 10 Years of Racing Memories
2. 10 Years of Miku Supporter Memories
3. 10 Years of Figure & Merch Memories

Last but not least, we’d like to call our 10 Years of Figure & Merch Memories winners to the victory stand.

They include the entries voted to 1st and 2nd place, as well as an entry selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki.

First up, our SNS Award 1st Place winner!

It’s “Racing Miku 2010 Ver.” by *kuriko*.
Here’s a comment from *kuriko*:
The year of this Racing Miku was the also the year I first went to the circuit in person!
There are lots of memories associated with this Miku…
It’s been 8 years since then, and now practically everyone knows who Miku is.
Lots of people have taken notice of us since then, and it makes me happy beyond measure that so many people have become fans of Miku (GSR) and offer their support!
This is a photo of my favorite of all iterations of Racing Miku, at my favorite circuit – Fuji!!

20190219 gsr 3 1

Congratulations, *kuriko*!

Next up is our SNS Award 2nd Place Winner!

It’s “Pit Garage 2017″ by AQUOS.

The comment reads:
I’ve tried to recreate the 2018 pit garage!

20190219 gsr 3 2

Thanks for perfectly capturing that excitement that makes all of us want to give it a try too!

Congratulations, AQUOS!

And we have one more entry that tied for 2nd place.

it’s “Spirit Banners Throughout the Ages” by Hakone@.
The comment reads:
I became part of the spirit banner brigade in 2011, and from 2012 began cheering on the team with my own banners.  Seeing all these banners from throughout the years flying together may or may not belong in the “goods” section, but to a someone like me in the spirit banner brigade I guess you could say they’re definitely a must have item.”

20190219 gsr 3 3

Well, they’re not good that are “on sale” per say, but since you were voted into the winning slot that’s fine by us!

Congratulations Hakone@!

We plan on having spirit banners on sale at the GSR Shop in the future, so be sure to come and purchase yours!

Lastly, we have the entry selected by Team Owner Takanori Aki.

20190219 gsr 3 4

It’s “Nendoroids Thoughout the Ages” by Saiun@Ao GC8.
The comment reads:
I’ve got the Nendoroid Cars and autographs from people associated with GSR.
2008 Miku Z4     Yasuhi Kikuchi
2009 Miku Z4     Shozo Tagahara
2010 Miku Porche     Taku Bamba
2010 Miku Porche     Takahiro Sasaki
2011 Miku Z4     Noa Mizutani
2012 Miku Z4     Rui Kumae
2013 Miku Z4     Tsukasa Arai
2014 Miku Z4     Kelal Katayama
2015 Miku SLS     Ukyo Katayama
2016 Miku AMG     Tatsuya Kataoka
2017 Miku AMG     Noburetu Taniguchi
2018 Miku 10H     Kamui Kobayashi

Comment from Team Ower Aki:
Selecting the Memories Award itself was incredibly difficulty, but take a look at all of these Nendoroid Miku from over the years.  It’s like they’re saying, we’re here to race with you always and forever.  That really means a lot to me!

Seeing them all together like this, together with the autographs means they’re probably worth something!

Congratulations on your victory!

So there you have it!  Our Hatsune Miku GT Project 10th Anniversary Special Photo Contest winners!

Everyone will receive a photo book containing their award winning entry.  We’ll be including a number of prized photos from the “dPhoto” campaign we ran in 2017, so please stand by – they’re almost complete.



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