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GT Test Run – Day 2 is Over!


The GT Test Run on the 6th – 7th at the Fuji International Speedway has now come to a close!  Now for the scores!

As this was only a test, I think times will be much different during the real race, but let’s take a look anyway at what we may have in store.


Miku Z4

■ Day 1

Best Time:  1’41.162

Top Speed:  259.865km/h

■ Day 2

Best Time:  1’41.151

Top Speed:  263.801km/h


GT300 Top Ranking Cars

■ Day 1

Best Time:  1’40.672  (#62 Leon SLS)

Top Speed:  275km/h  (#9 Ghost in the Shell Porche)

■ Day 2

Best Time:  1’40.505  (#3 Road NDDP GT-R)

Top Speed:  277km/h  (#9 Ghost in the Shell Porche)


Don’t forget everyone, we’ll be having a live broadcast tomorrow!  We’ll be able to discuss the results from today’s test run in even more detail, so I hope you’ll all tune in!

>> Pre-Suzaku Live Broadcast



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