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GSR’s Samurai to Cross Australia by Bike


Hey, everyone.

A member of the GSR Team staff, known as “Samurai,” is going on a trip across Australia.

He’ll start in Sydney on March 1, endeavoring to cross the country round trip on a solo bicycle journey.

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Depending on what kind of signal is available, Samurai will be posting progress updates via the account below, so let’s all cheer him on as he undertakes the challenge!

He plans to start in Sydney and then head towards where the Mad Max movies were filmed.  After that he’ll go to Uluru, ride through 2000km of the Gibson Desert, and then head back to Sydney via a different route after reaching Perth.  At least that’s his plan.

He’ll be photographing Nendoroids at various spots, so we’re all in for a real treat.

Be sure to leave your most encouraging messages for him at the account below.



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