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GSR Merchandise on Sale at WF & Help Wanted!


Wonder Festival is just two short weeks away!  Which means more and more information is finally starting to come out.  This post will be a bit long, but please read it out all the way to the end.

First, the GSR stage presentation will be from 11:50 – 12:20, as I mentioned in a previous blog post.

>> WonHobby Stage Info (Afternoon)

But now we have even more info for you regarding the GSR Corner.  Our legendary racing cards will be on display – right at the Makuhari Messe entrance!  Most everyone will be passing through there on their way in, so they’ll definitely stand out.  Our past racing cars, past Racing Miku figures, an overlook of our 10 seasons of racing history and more will be featured in the GSR Corners, located both inside and out.

>> WonHobby GSR Corner

20170203 gsr 1

Not only that, we’ll have all kinds of stuff available for purchase.  We’ve got so much stuff that listing it all here would exceed the character limit.  Please see our merchandise page for more information.

>> Products for Sale

But let’s take a look a just a few…

20170203 gsr 2

The Hatsune Miku Super GT Fan Ver. Leisure Sheet!  Use this to turn any place into a picnic!  Priced at 2500JPY.  Be sure to take it with you to the race, too!

20170203 gsr 3

No, these aren’t pin badges!  It’s the Hatsune Miku Super GT Fan Ver. Bean-Bag Cushion.  Nice and comfortable to sit on, use it together with the leisure seat to make any place feel like home!  Just be sure not to conk out at the race.  Priced at 4500JPY.

And we’ll of course have Racing Miku 2017 Ver. items available as well!!

20170203 gsr

This is the circuit t-shirt that was available for advanced purchase at our Year-End Party.  Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL, priced at 2800JPY!  Whether you joined us for the Year-End Party or not don’t miss this chance to get your shirt before the season starts!

Next up is the ubiquitous file folder!

20170203 gsr 5

This was also available for advanced purchase at the Year-End Party.  Priced at just 400JPY, making it perfect for a souvenir or gift.

We’ll also have the mobile battery from Caravan that was on sale at the Winter Comic Market and much more!

20170203 gsr 6

This is a 4000mAh battery, priced at 4300!  A must have for any smart phone user!

We’ll have some things many of our veteran fans will remember, as well as things for our new fans to get excited out in our exhibit corner, items generally only available at the race track, and things you meant to buy last year but missed.  The GSR Corner will be so full of things on display and things for sale, you could easily spend the whole day there!

Last but not least…

Please note that GSR will have 5 cars on display.  Yes, 5 actual legit racing cars!  It was quite a feat to plan, but all the packing and what not will also take a lot of work…  In short, we need some volunteer helpers for when it’s time to pack up!  It won’t be very difficult work, we promise.

All you have to do is push a car.

That’s it.  Well, to be more specific, pushing and pulling will be involved.  As this will be after Wonder Festival is over it may be quite late before you can leave, but if you’d like to help out anyway we’d be most appreciative.

I’ll announce the pack-up time and meeting place via Twitter that day.  Be sure to check it.

>> Swemy’s Twitter





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