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GSR Cup Thank You and Apology


We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the “GSR Cup” bicycle race held at New Tokyo Circuit.

We are both surprised and amazed at the turnout we had today, which significantly exceeded our expectations.

Despite the large number of entrants we had, we were able to complete all races without any major accidents or injuries due to our amazing participants.  We’d again like to give a special thanks out to you.

And we have nothing but gratitude to New Tokyo Circuit, who let us use their track, MOSAIC.WAV as well as the DJs for their exciting performances, everyone at LinkTOUHOKU who were able to oversee everything, and our 3 lovely Racing Miku Supporters who stayed with us from dawn til dusk, Tsuttsu, Noa, and Kelal.

In the midst of all this fun, there was one serious oversight that we’d like to acknowledge.

When we were calculating aggregate scores, the results for the 2 Hour Endurance Race Character Jersey Class and the 5 Hour Endurance Character Jersey Team, botching the final results.  We’d like to offer our most sincere apologies to contestants who were mistakenly called to the victory stand.

Below, please find the correct final results (Top 3) for the race.

■  Criterium:  Charater Jersey

1st:  Masamitsu Watanabe
2nd:  Takeya Fukuda
3rd:  Shoichi Hasagawa

■  Criterium:  Cosplay

1st:  Kairi Ishikawa
2nd:  Takao Hirazawa
3rd:  Shoun Iwasaki

■  2 Hour Endurance:  Character Jersey

1st:  “  “
3rd:  Love Liver Racing

■  2 Hour Endurance:  Cosplay

1st:  Team Yoshino
2nd:  Chinjiku Yokosuka Maid Department Cycling Club
3rd:  Cutting Factory Rei

■  3 Hour Endurance:  Character Jersey

1st:  Nicorin@Otonogizaka Bicycle Club
2nd:  MK-01 and the Easy Riders
3rd:  Soruge Students’ Association@Otonogi Cycling Club

■  3 Hour Endurance:  Cosplay

1st:  Team Stardust Dream
2nd:  Hakone College Cycle Racing Club

■  5 Hour Endurance:  Character Jersey

1st:  765 Pro Theater
2nd:  A Certain Kumatani Cavendish
3rd:  Mikku Miku Tansei

■  5 Hour Endurance:  Cosplay

1st:  Nico Live 5B
2nd:  Maid Department Cycling Club 10th
3rd:  Maid Department Cycling Club


We’ll take all necessary precautions to prevent any similar incident.  We intend on having an even bigger and better event next time, so we hope that you’ll all forgive this oversight and join us again.

All results will be officially announced in the near future.



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