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GSR 2018: Round 8 Motegi – Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

We’re here today to announce our Super GT: Round 8 Motegi Photo Contest winners.

This year, each contest will have two victors – the entry with the most votes will receive the SNS Award, and the entry selected by Team Owner Aki will receive the GSR Award.

We’ll start with the GSR Award winner.

The entry selected for our GSR Award is “Overtaking Victory” by hoku.
Here’s a comment from hoku:
“Kataoka is sure to deliver!”
He made this wish come true in the first corner right after the start of the race, as Kataoka overtook our rival, the LEON.

20181221 gsr 3

Comment from Team Owner Aki:
“Entering into the final race, with our chances of emerging as season victor still in tact.  The overtake in the first lap was surprisingly well done.  This is the very last moment for celebration.  I wish I could get over the resentment from being so close to achieving that victory.”

Let’s put it behind us!

We’ll be giving hoku a Pin-Badge of Honor as well as a bean-bag cushion!

Next up is the winner of our SNS Award.  The entry voted into first place was also submitted by hoku!

20181221 gsr 4

This title is “Thanks for a great year!”

“Though we weren’t able to secure a consecutive 2-season victory, I’m thankful to the Miku Car, the GSR Team and our drivers from keeping up our hopes, expectations, and excitement all the way to the very end of the final race.  Thank you!”

And we’ll just let that comment sit here at the end as our season this year draws to a close.

hoku, we’ll be sending you your 4th Pin Badge of Honor!

Everyone who submitted an entry will be received an email from our offices with their GSR Point Code in the near future, so be on the look out!


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