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GSR 2018 Round 3: Suzuka Circuit – Photo Contest Winners


Hey, everyone.

Today we’ll be announcing the winners of our Super GT Round 3: Suzuka Circuit Photo Contest.

This year, each contest will have two winners – one who received the most votes, and one “GSR Award” winner selected by Team Owner Aki Takanori.

We’ll start with the GSR Award!

This contest’s GSR Award goes to
Yasuoka’s “Persistence!”

20180724 gsr 1

Here’s some commentary from Aki:

“Taniguchi’s face!  The look in his eyes!  To think someone captured this moment is amazing.  It reminds me of the “evil block” in the latter half of the race.”

No mistake about it, Taniguchi’s “evil block” gained quite a reputation the first half of this Super GT season.

We’ll be sending Yasuoka a Pin-Badge of Honor as well as a bean-bag cushion.

Next up is our winner who was voted into 1st place
H.G’s “Solace.”

20180724 gsr 2

H.G’s comment: “Finding solace in that cute face!”

The winning photo is of Mana-chan’s cute face.

H.G will receive a Pin-Badge of Honor.

And everyone who entered a photo will soon be emailed their GSR point code, so please stand by.  Our offices will be contacting you.

Our Round 4 Thailand Photo Contest is going on as we speak, so please be sure to upload your photos and vote for your favorites.



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